A Look Back at Studio 54 with Mark Christopher & Wendy Stuart Kaplan


The final interview for the Black Bear Film Festival 2016 is between the notorious director, Mark Christopher conducted by Wendy Stuart Kaplan. There was such a rush (no pun intended) between Mark, Wendy and the audience on October 15th after the screening of “54: the Director’s Cut” that everyone felt pure electricity.

The film brought back a lot of memories and the interview between the people that were there made everyone get up and disco dance on stage late into the night.

Wendy Interviews Johnny Greenlaw

"Fragile Beauty" Film Wins Award

Our film “Fragile Beauty” a 20 minute short about 3 remote tribes in Ethiopia, was a final selection and won an award! I hosted the Symposium on African Cinema, as well as interviewed African producers, directors, actors, and subjects of documentaries. I was honored to be included with such an amazing roster of notables from all over Africa!

Model With a Mission - Thailand

Model With a Mission - Ecuador

TriVersity’s got Talent

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Toni Thompson, director of "What It Takes To Be Extraordinary"
Studio 54 The Director's Cut with Mark Christopher